I have more than 20 years experience and understand the complexity and opportunity associated with complex data. Neuron quickly and effectively integrated our complex and disparate data sources and detected new correlations in our complex views of data. Neuron is empowering us to better understand complicated data and how to make it work for our business.
Director, Marketplace Insight & Analytics
Fortune 500 Pharma Manufacturer

[cl_quote name="Ryan Caplan" title="President & CEO"]Today, doing business means analyzing business. But the endless cycle of mining and analysis we have seen develop over the years has resulted in highly trained people, using complex tools and trial-and-error approaches that gobble up time and expertise. That’s why we raised the bar. Somebody had to…

Director, HCP Analytics & Insights
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Inc. Magazine: ColdLight Named one of Fastest Growing Companies in America

Neuron quickly analyzed our complex patient level claims data sources. We now see patterns that correlate strongly with various cost outcomes. All of this is leading us in learning what really works and what doesn’t in truly driving wellness while reducing cost of care. ColdLight’s Neuron is enabling a more effective and holistic approach to our business and the care of our members.
Director, Patient Claims Analytics
Leading Care Management Solutions Provider

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